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Our workshop is based in Port Talbot South Wales, and has been the home of Bartlett Engineering since 1992. The company currently employs 30 staff.

Every industry has its own challenges when it comes to delivering high quality parts, but with our wealth of manufacturing experience we are able to address a continually changing market. In a highly competitive marketplace, best practice manufacturing methods are the key to reducing programming time and maximising efficiency. Our systems utilise in house knowledge and experience to drive the production process and allows us to maintain a competitive edge by improved productivity and profitability through reduced material use and a shortened design to manufacture time.

The systems 4-Axis strategies are ideal for the rotary & indexible machining. This is supported by full machine simulation to aid visualisation of the machining process. The complete machine tool and all moveable axis may be modelled and incorporated within the interactive machining simulation, helping to ensure fast and safe process optimisation. This offers key advantages over conventional indexed 3-Axis machining: In particular, reducing cycle time by machining complex components in a single setup. There is the ability to machine from solid eliminating the need to cast complex parts. A capability that is particularly beneficial for prototypes and small volume runs. The link between our systems and original model ensures that even late design changes won’t affect lead times.

We offer a flexible service, producing everything from single prototypes to volume production. Through our engineering expertise and considerable experience of production, as well as being proficient in manufacture, we can make useful contributions at the design stages and are often able to suggest minor changes that may result in useful efficiencies and savings.

More than just engineering


Product development

Our extensive knowledge has often resulted in involvement with other manufacturers in new product development. Our approach embraces all aspects of continuous improvement, driven by customer requirements.

Full range of services

We are committed to being proactive. That’s why we offer more than just engineering; we also offer fabrication and welding to ensure we are offering a range to deal with our customer demands.

Fast service

We work closely with our customers to ensure our support is efficient, accurate and timely, to help eliminate the unnecessary costs incurred whilst waiting for parts. We aim to provide a fast and efficient service.


We manufacture components and assemblies for a wide range of industries. Components are produced in all grades of steel, brass, aluminium, stainless steel etc. We are well equipped for turning, milling, grinding and welding. CAD/CAM programming can be carried out off-line. Alternatively, we can receive drawings or models from CAD systems for direct input to CNC machinery. Our solid modelling programme allows data to be read from all major CAD systems, avoiding data translation problems or potential concerns with 3rd party interfaces. State of the art solids-based machining includes automatic feature recognition and full model-to-toolpath associativity.

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