Bartlett Engineering CAD Machinery

1 No Cincinnati 400H
3D x 4 axis Twin Pallet
60 ATL

1 No Daewoo Vertical Machining Centre
1.3m x 650 x 650 Cat tool
Changer 36 positions
4th Axis dividing head

Daewoo Vertical Machining Centre
1m x 600 x 600 Cat tool
Changer 36 position

2 Cincinnati Sabre.
3D x 3 axis machining cell
With Hi-torque spindle drive 1270 x 660 x 550
20 ATL

CNC Leadwell LTC 20BP
10” Chuck 750mm between centres

2 No DSG CNC 2413
Capacity 2200 x 350 dia
Capacity 1900 x 350 dia
CAD CAM Link to all above CNC Machinery
3 systems PATHTRACE, EDGECAM, hardwired from CAM, to control devices listed above.

Ability to import iges files on disc, CD ROM or on line direct from customer via e-mail.

Full client protocol direct data transference via e-mail.
Ability to Import CAD Drawings via e-mail directly to our CAD / CAM Machines

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